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Keepin It Real–My Studio Table

Now, I would like to have one of those pretty, pristine studios. Where everything matches, everything has its place, and there isn’t a speck of mess in sight. However, here in the real world, there’s no chance of that happening! Instead, my studio is a mess of organised (and not so organised) chaos.

Thankfully I am not alone! Seth Apter of The Altered Page is currently hosting a fun blog hop of peeks at the real side of art. Be sure to check out the post HERE, and pop back in over the next little while as he adds more and more links.

Take a peek at what ,my studio table currently looks like:


Happy arting…and mess making!



5 thoughts on “Keepin It Real–My Studio Table

  1. I think that looks like a wonderfully creative space. I alas don’t have an art space to call my own. I work at the kitchen table which means I have to tidy everything away after each session. My art stuff is stored in various locations around the house so I have to operate by “everything has a space and a space for everything” and be neat, tidy and organized. It’s a pain because it means I can only ever create when I have a big chunk of time. So honestly I would envy even a very messy studio – and yours is not too bad at all.

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